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Financial Information

HNCP is primarily funded by grants from London Borough of Camden and from private charitable organisations. In the past almost all our funding came from Camden, but in recent years Camden funding has been reduced and private grant funding substantially increased. In the last three years we have obtained private funds from a range of funding partners and individuals. Up until the recently HNCP has also enjoyed income from rent and hiring out of its Bertram street premises, but this has ceased while the Bertram Street site is redeveloped. Conversely our costs will reduce during this time as we will no longer have to cover the expense of the Bertram Street building

Our financing philosophy is to “cut our coat according to our cloth”. By this we mean we look to raise funding from private funders to support our various programmes, and seek other donations and grants from LB Camden to cover most of our management and administrative cost. We do not commence a programme until we have obtained the funding, and where possible we seek to secure multi-year commitments from private funders.

When we move into the new Centre our costs will increase, but we expect to be able to cover this through rent and hiring out facilities. The new development has been designed with this in mind.

Our policy is to hold cash reserves in excess of £200,000 so as to ensure that we can continue operating for several months even in the event of a severe funding squeeze

We are a registered charity number 290712 and as such our accounts are available for inspection on the Charity Commission website.